Ideal diet? (One-page rant)

With the rise of internet and social media use, diets are circulating worldwide, faster than ever before. Vegan, vegetarian, keto, paleo, gluten-free, intermittent fasting, flexible dieting (If-it-fits-your-macros), 80/10/10, RawTill4, Bulletproof, Slow Carb etc. And I am disappointed that health "gurus" and even scientists get caught up in a dogmatic war of diets, as if all evidence is conclusive.

Long story short; there is no ideal diet. One size does not fit all. You may follow a diet because of ethical reasons, religious beliefs, fitness goals, overall health, that is up to you. But claiming that one particular diet is 100% suitable for 100% of human beings is just mistaken.

Do your own research and you will find that each of the diets mentioned above have their benefits and disadvantages. Adopt the diet that you find most suitable to you, depending on your reasons for having a diet in the first place (or lifestyle) and depending on your health/fitness goals. Look for scientific articles and academic studies and avoid the flashy quick-result-promising websites. But most of all, keep an open mind and take everything with a grain of salt. It grinds my gears that there is so much hatred towards different communities, e.g. vegans being mocked left, right and center.

If your aim is to help other people adopt a healthy lifestyle, combat is not the way to do it, in my opinion. All members of all different lifestyles and communities should work together, towards a world-wide health-awareness movementk instead of spending time in twitter "wars" and youtube reaction videos. 

Question. Research. Doubt. Research again. Implement. Question more. Share your knowledge. Discuss. Listen. Research further. 

For the sake of everyone's health.